It is amazing to me how many people today are carrying around a Bible that has pages out or coming out and
covers that have splits on the spine ends or the cover is peeling. Although their Bible is in disarray, they continue
to carry it around. Some even try to repair their Bibles themselves using scotch tape, duct tape, hot glue, etc.
which you should NEVER do. Why do they carry that Bible around and stoop to self-repair often damaging it
until it cannot be repaired properly? They do this because it is their favorite Bible. They like the feel of it, they
can find Scripture easily, it was a special gift from someone or has sentimental value to them, yet they fail to have
their Bible repaired and/or rebound.
There seems to be a reluctance to having a Bible repaired and/or rebound simply because many people have
no idea where a re-binding company is. After all, Bible re-binders are not readily available in most cities so they
decide to try to make their Bible last as long as possible by doing whatever they can in order to keep it useable as
long a possible.
It used to be that Bible publishing companies would sew the pages of a Bible together in order for it to last a
long time for the consumer because it is supposed to be the most used book one has. This is no longer true. The
publishers now use a binding method called “perfect binding”, but believe me, it is not even close to being perfect.
What they are doing nowadays is taking loose pages and putting glue on those pages. The glue they use is very
poor and will not hold. In fact, there is no glue that will hold book pages together when it the book is opened and
closed so much. If you open one of these Bibles and press against it in order to make the pages stay open, they
will begin to come out of your Bible, and soon chunks of your Bible pages will come out especially when people
mistreat them to any degree. How are Bible mistreated? By carrying a Sunday School book, a pen, small stacks
of note paper, etc. inside the pages of the Bible. Doing this puts pressure on the spine of the Bible and the glue is
not strong enough to keep the pages together. Why do publishers do this? It saves them a little money but more
importantly it will cause you to have to buy Bibles more often thereby making them more money. There a
very few Bibles you can buy now that have sewn pages. I only know of two, but there are probably a few
more. So if you have an older Bible that has sewn pages, you need to do everything you can to maintain that
Bible in excellent condition so it will possibly last as long as you will.
There is another problem with the newer Bibles. The majority of Bibles you find now have inferior cover material
like bonded leather or vinyl. Not many if any Bible bookstores stock Bibles with genuine leather covers and if
you do, they are very expensive because quality leather is expensive, but it last a long, long time. Again this is
done so the publisher can make more money. It is an awful shame but American greed has now affected the
quality of our Bibles and money is the main thing on the minds of the publishers.
David Sharp