Tip #1 – DON’T CARRY ITEMS INSIDE YOUR BIBLE: Unfortunately so many people like to carry various items inside their Bible (i.e.) Sunday School Books, Pens, booklets, etc. It used to be that Bible pages were sewn together, but not anymore. To reduce cost, publishers have gone to what is called perfect binding. They take a stack of loose pages and apply glue to those loose edges which makes it anything but perfect. So if you carry items inside the pages, it puts pressure on the spine and causes pages to begin coming out often in chunks. If you want to carry an item in your Bible place it just inside the cover between the colored pages.

Tip #2 – KEEP YOUR BIBLE AWAY FROM HEAT: I have seen people put their Bible on the dashboard or in the back window of their car and leave them there all day or longer. Heat causes the spine glue to shrink making the spine to become concaved. Heat is the enemy of your Bible.

Tip #3 – CARE FOR YOUR BIBLE PAGES: Keep the corners straight; don’t let them stay turned. Don’t let wrinkles remain on your Bible pages. You can use a steam iron to straighten both the corners and the wrinkles.

Tip #4 – LET A PROFESSIONAL REPAIR YOUR BIBLE: Should pages come out of your Bible, do NOT try to put them back in yourself. Never use scotch tape, duct tape, hot glue, etc. in an effort to make your Bible useable. Let a professional do it the right way, especially if you have a Bible with sewn pages because you can hardly find one anymore.

Tip #5 – DEMAND A LEATHER COVER: A leather cover is the only thing you should have on your Bible if you want it to last. It is a rarity to find a bookstore now that stocks Bibles in genuine leather. “Genuine Bonded Leather” is NOT genuine leather but leather shavings glued to a base material. Vinyl seems to have become the cover material of choice for most Bibles. Regularly used Bibles require a leather cover to last through heavy usage. It’s your decision. Buy a new Bible every few years, or get a genuine leather cover that will last you a lifetime.

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