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Welcome to Sharp Binding and Printing Co. LLC where you will find Tremendous Value in all our services. Whether you are seeking bookbinding, printing or promotional services, this is the place for you because Real People get Real Results from our company. Read on to hear our story.

Our Story

Amazing but hard for me to imagine, I began doing hand bookbinding over 30 yrs ago (boy, doesn’t time fly?) as a hobby at my home. My specialty was rebinding Bibles; however, I learned that many city and school libraries needed this service. Later, there were school teachers who would have their students write a book during the year and we would hardback bind it with the book title and the student’s name as author. Parents would pay for the binding of the books. Upon the advice of my accountant, I moved to a commercial location where our business began to grow. Within a year, we added printing services because our customers were asking for those services. I grew up learning the promotions business from my dad, and I offered those services to just a few, but now, we have expanded operations to include this because so many businesses near us need help.

What Sets Us Apart From All Other Businesses?

We don’t cut corners with our products. We provide only the finest materials and equipment available in providing services to all of our clients. Genuine cowhide, lambskin, and Berkshire leathers all the only things we use in rebinding Bibles. A coated, canvas base material is used in our bookbinding and rebinding. We are very customer-oriented, ensuring that we provide exactly what they want. We offer free proofs to customers using our printing services. Our credibility, integrity, and superb customer service have been proven over the last 2 years. You see, I had rectal cancer beginning in 2015, but the Lord graciously healed me of that in April 2016. In August 2016, I was diagnosed with liver cancer, of which the Lord graciously healed me again in April 2017; however, in February 2017, I got a severe case pneumonia. I had to stop taking my chemo treatments and had to close our business for a month and a half. Upon re-opening at the end of March 2017, there were calls on our answering machines from our wonderful, loyal clients and customers who were waiting for us to re-open to provide our services to them. They could have gone elsewhere to get what they wanted, but they chose to wait upon us to do even their printing. We have overcome people’s dissatisfaction with other companies because we listen to them and provide the things they want and the way they want them. Remember, Real People, get Real Results at Sharp Binding and Printing Co. LLC

Why Should You Trust Sharp Binding and Printing Co. LLC?

I will answer that question with another – why shouldn’t you trust us? With over 30 years of experience and qualifications, we are eager to meet your specific demands. We always provide a customized solution that fits both your desires and budget. Contact us to discover what an absolute difference we can make for you. Phone: 256-820-1337 or contact us via email at



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