Our unique services are threefold and somewhat diversified in which two are somewhat related and the third
one in not related in any way. Our services range from our bookbinding department to our printing department
to our marketing, promotion and advertising department. Our customers are our greatest assets and we treat them
with the utmost respect listening to what they want and providing the same. Our customers are not mere numbers
but rather people that we get to know and appreciate whereby they build confidence in us and trust us to do what
is best for them. All of our regular customers we know by name and we stay in contact on a regular basis. We
are honest and straight forward and we don’t cut corners on any services and products. All of our staff is trained
to provide you with professional care and call also call many of our customers by name. Our goal is to ensure
our customers are always happy with the services we provide for them. They are real people getting real results.
My goal in business is to build a long-term relationship will all of my customers and clients.
Our Bookbinding Service
We began bookbinding repairing and rebinding Bibles by hand using only genuine leather; that was 30 yrs.
ago, but it quickly grew to books as well. For books, we use a canvas based material called buckram. We have
both bound and rebound books for public libraries, school libraries, church libraries, books that students have
written with the title stamped on the front cover and the student’s name shown as the author. Since this work is
done by hand, we guarantee all of our materials and workmanship and no questions asked. If you are not happy
with our work, just tell us that you are not happy and we will gladly fix it to make you happy. Don’t continue to
carry around a Bible that is falling apart or the cover is peeling or worn out. We are here to put your Bible back
together and provide you with a genuine leather cover…just contact us!
Printing Services
We opened our printing department in late 1994 in order to meet at the requests of our customers. We listen
to our customer’s needs and try our best to be able to fill them. We can print anything up to 11” X 17” size. The
list of things we can print are too long to list here. If you need something printed, tell us and we will meet your
needs. We offer FREE proofs on all of our printing orders. Many of our customers never want a proof. They
say, “Do what you think looks best, I trust you”. That is quite a statement, isn’t it? We TRUST you. So many
businesses are dissatisfied and frustrated over late deliveries, printing errors, low quality work, etc. and are
longing and looking for someone that will do what they say they will do and do it the right way every time.
Having troubles with your printing? We absolutely guarantee to make you happy. Don’t continue being
dissatisfied and frustrated…Contact Us now!
Our Marketing, Promotions and Advertising Departments
I list these things as one even though they are three separate departments. They are all very closely related.
Chances are if you need one of these services then you need all three. We are able to handle what you need with
multi-years of experience.
Marketing Department
If you are looking to start a business, we know all of the steps to take to enhance your
success.  We do this because many years of statistics show that 80% of businesses fail in
their first ten years; *SHOCKING* yet true!
Going about it the right way BEFORE you ever “Open your doors for business”. We
work with you and offer many forms you can use that will help you to be one of the 20%
that succeed. We want to be your partner.  We have 2 publications Your Business Is Going
To Die
, and 10 Reasons Why A Business Fails.   Come in and pick them up TODAY!
Promotions Department
This department does exactly what the name suggests. We work with you to plan promotions that will increase
your customer base. You must increase your customer base if you are to see the growth you need and want.
There is a secret to increase a customer base and we know the answer to that problem. Let’s us partner with you
to grow your business. Start NOW by contacting us!
Our Advertising Department
Long ago, as a teenager, I began working with my dad learning advertising, promotions and advertising. This
is a diverse department that has proven success in fundraising for schools and other organizations. I get so
frustrated at the current methods school use in their so-called fundraising. They try to force sale items that are
overpriced and something people neither want our need. Yet parents and near kin feel obligation to buy a little
something from the student because the student if force to present it to people. The sad part is, the maximum
amount the school earns on the products is 30-25% when they could be earning 50% or more using our products.
Over the years I have seen so many businesses waste more money trying to successfully. Companies and
salespeople are continually hammering at you for your advertising dollars. It really doesn’t matter to them
whether advertising with them works for you. Advertising is necessary to attract business, but it only works if
you do it the right way. There are many avenues of advertising and we can suggest for you the best way to
advertise YOUR business. Don’t waste any more of your money! We want to partner with you and make sure
your dollars are spent wisely so as to produce results. That is why we are here so. Contact Us NowI

Our Fundraising Department
We have a wide range of fundraising items to be used by schools, civic organizations or any non-profit organization.  With most of these items, you can earn as much as 50% or even more and they can be used to promote any thing you are wanting to promote.  Call us now, and let us help you have the most profitable event you have ever had.  We are waiting to hear from you!